Tonight’s Citizen Media Party at Varnish

Well it’s almost 2:00 a.m. but I thought I’d post a quick post on my evening tonight, er, last night. I stopped by the Citizen’s Media Party at Varnish Gallery hosted by Dan Gillmor and JD Lasica. Although I didn’t actually end up matching up with Dan I did have a great time and met a bunch of new people as well as saw a number of old famliar faces.

Bloggers I chatted with tonight included Matt McAlister, VP & General Manager for InfoWorld Online, the Laughing Squid’s Primary Tentacle, Scott Beale, the ever engaging Eleanor Kruszewski, Feedster’s Mike Rowehl, Pub Sub’s Bob Wyman, Memeorandum’s Gabe Rivera, Cozmo Media President and CEO, Alexander Rowland, PR Pro Renee Blodgett, Technorati’s Niall Kennedy, Robert Scoble’s Naked Conversations Co-Author Shel Israel, and of course JD and Mary Lasica. Other people I noticed at the party but didn’t get a chance to talk to include Mary Hodder and Doug Kaye.

Congratulations to JD on the launch of his new book Darknet. JD sent me a chapter a number of months back and I was really into it.

The conversations tonight covered so many topics from Blogher to copyright law to how best to deliver micro content to the new journalism to OurMedia to podcasting and even to how best to shoot indoor photos in low light situations. All in all I had a great time and am glad to been able to make a few new friends.

I also especially liked getting to take a look at Scott Beale’s Canon EOS 20D. I’m jealous. I should have bought the 20D instead of my 10D. That is one sexy camera. And Scott thanks for temporarily adding me to your press team for the night and getting me into 12 Galaxies for the big “The Onion” show with you.

In terms of covering the photos for the evening I’ve uploaded all the ones that I liked. The photos are in two series. Series one is from the Citizen Media Party at Varnish and Series two is from the outing to 12 Galaxies to catch the end of the Onion party. Keep scrolling down for the photos. Click on any photo for a large high res version and feel free to keep or use anything that you’d like. I also put the photos up on my Flickr page as well.

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