One Year of Blogging

So with one year of blogging under my belt all I have to say is how in the hell am I going to come up with 80,000 page views in May and no more slacking off in December. Bah Humbug. More blogging, less eggnog.

Seriously, thank you to everyone who has stopped by over the past year. I never anticipated really that anyone would much care about what I wrote when I started this. I’ve been surprised at what I thought would primarily be a vehicle for me to reflect out loud on things like Media Center and TiVo actually becoming something that has allowed me to interact with so many great people. When I started this blog I thought that there might be a handful of people out there who like to geek out about Media Center that might be interested. I didn’t know it would turn into something more than this for me which it has.


And so speaking of a fun game, as it’s been one year I thought I’d do some advanced Google searchs (yes I know it’s not at all scientific) restricting the results to the domain to see what I’ve been talking about for the last year. I’m sure I’m going to miss lots of companies, people and stuff, so drop me a comment where the holes are:

Results for:

Microsoft: 4,450
TiVo: 4,460
MCE: 159
Media Center: 231
Gates: 57
Balmer: 0
Allchin: 12
Scoble: 74
Alexander: 43
Goyer: 32
Owen: 27
Lanier: 35
Bott: 43
Dixon: 14
Ramsay: 30
Coyle: 9
TGB: 6
Green Button: 22
Battelle: 37
Cuban: 37
Engadget: 51
Gizmodo: 22
eHomeupgrade: 32
Slashdot: 61
Boing: 30
PVRblog: 43
TV Harmony: 2
Lost Remote: 38
Gartenberg: 37
Long Tail: 31
WMP: 45
Windows Media: 110
Longhorn: 37
Apple: 39
ipod: 30
Audiovox: 11
Technorati: 24
pub sub: 4
rss: 68
bloglines: 4,480
newsgator: 18
Yahoo: 75
Google: 119
Comcast: 67
DirecTV: 82
Cablecard: 31
RIAA: 29
Sucks: 17
HDTV: 171
Rocks: 14
Love: 153
Hate: 44
Photography: 4480 (probably the photoblog thing)
Music: 4450
art: 4480
TV: 149
television: 4460
internet: 4440
blog: 195
podcast: 39
book: 34
newspaper: 4
hot damn: 6
hot donkey: 4 (I’m going to have to try and use this more if I ever hope this one to catch on!)

Ok, I’m getting tired of this. I know I’ve missed some really obvious ones.

Update: George Hottelling asks how many posts I’ve done in the last year. The answer is, I have no clue. Unfortunately due to a bug, blogger cuts off at 606 and stops tracking (hopefully they get this fixed soon). But the answer is a lot. I post most every day and try to write as much original content as I can on my site.