On-Demand Channels: A Niche Frontier

On-Demand Channels: A Niche Frontier – New York Times: The New York Times has an interesting story on On-Demand programming. Among other things they zero in on the potential for advertisers to better target market with niche content and definable audiences.

“When and if the media business catches up, however, advertisers could benefit as much as consumers. ‘Television has to date been a relatively blunt instrument for marketers,’ Mr. Hanlon said. ‘You’re going to see a much better alignment of advertising and programming.'”


“In another indication of the ad industry’s interest, Nielsen Media Research said yesterday that it had developed a plan to measure audiences for on-demand programs. Like so much in the on-demand world, though, “plan” is the key word. Nielsen said it intended to introduce the service during the second quarter of 2006.”