NewsGator Buys FeedDemon (Chris Pirillo)

NewsGator Buys FeedDemon (Chris Pirillo) Chris Pirillo on NewsGator buying Feed Demon. I switched from Bloglines to NewsGator about two months ago. It’s all been good. I like the fact that I can get NewsGator on Media Center.

The only thing that still drives me nuts is that the NewsGator people still can’t get Pub Sub right yet. Pub Sub is one of the best tracking resources on the internet and yet for some God only knows reason they can’t get Pub Sub’s links right. They show Pub Sub text just not the originating link. It’s annoying.

I also mentioned this to Bob Wyman of Pub Sub on Friday night again but I don’t think the issue is with Pub Sub, I think the issue is with News Gator.