Michael Gartenberg – Xbox 360 – First Take Analysis

Michael Gartenberg – Xbox 360 – First Take Analysis JupiterResearch analyst Michael Gartenberg is out this morning with the most insightful analysis yet to come out of the XBox lauch. As I wrote last night, I believe that most significant aspect of the XBox, despite all the glitz and glamour of the big MTV show, is that Microsoft is positioning the XBox 360 as the beachhead into your living room for a larger digital entertainment plan.

In Gartenberg’s words this morning, “But Xbox 360 is more than a videogame console. With links to broadband via it’s built in Ethernet, wireless support, built in Windows Media connect and Media Center Extender and the potential capacity for large storage capabilities, Xbox 360 is clearly poised as a Trojan horse ready to invade the living rooms of Windows users everywhere and leverage their PCs as media hubs, their MSN messenger IDs and happily deliver PVR functions via Media Center, as well as music, messaging and other software services that Microsoft will happily charge for.”

Gartenberg has hit the nail on the head.

I think that Microsoft may finally be getting the receipe right.

One part sleek, sexy, noiseless, simple, always on, gaming DVD player, one part powerhouse Media Center PC in your den or office, two parts HDTV, a few more smart filters for pictures and music and file sharing, a dash of wi-fi or Cat 6 cabling.

Stir rapidly. Add long tail micro content.

Serve chilled with your feet up on the lazy boy.