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  1. RoudyBob says:

    Tom – that is such a COOL shot. How’d you get that – were you standing on a hill opposite that one. And was that a 300mm zoom lens or even bigger?

  2. Thomas Hawk says:


    I was staying in room 1020 at the St. Francis Hotel Friday night on Union Square. My wife and I took a night out away from our four kids as I’d been in charge of a charity auction there at the hotel earlier that evening.

    I was excited to be able to take some good photographs from the 10th floor above Union Square. The only problem was the window was screwed with a safety lock on it so that they would only open 4 inches or so. The screw was not a normal screw so I couldn’t get the safety latch off the window. Finally I just took the entire window apart — literally popped it out of its frame — and exited out the window on the 10th floor and stood out on a little ledge. It was a ornamental balcony thing so it wasn’t like it was very risky. Then I leaned way over and took the shot up Powell Street. I took about 20 of them and finally got just the right shot with the cable car at the top. I took the photo at about 7 a.m. so there was not much traffic on the street yet.

    The lens is a pretty typical Canon 28-135 zoom. The key thing was being on the 10th floor where I could get a mid hill vantage point.