Is Flickr Censoring it’s Members?

Susan Mernit’s Blog: flickr: does Yahoo ownership bring censorship? Susan Mernit says that she has heard that flickr is emailing some of the “edgier, more out there flickr members and telling them that their pictures are too racy.”

I suppose this is something that every online community needs to address. I don’t think most people would like to see flickr degenerate into one big porn free for all. But on the other hand there is a lot of great sexually suggestive work that artists have done over the years. It’s difficult to figure out where you draw the line. In the end it just may be one person’s opinion over another as to what is distasteful or porn vs. what is interesting, edgy and art.

I’m not sure where the balance actually is, but I hope that Yahoo! and Flickr get it right.

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  1. Susan says:

    Yes, I feel sad/annoyed that some of the edgier work is being scrubbed off–not porn in any way, just suggestive.