Hey Dave Matthews, The Top Choice on Google for Your New CD Says Your DRM Sucks

Photo Matt ? More Stand Up Yesterday Matt Mullenweg posted that the new Dave Matthews Band CD was crashing his PC due to some crap software that Dave wanted you to install in order to listen to it. Matt got a lot of attention on the story. I first saw the story at Om Malik’s site.

I particulary dislike Dave Matthews because I bought a CD of his last year and couldn’t rip it and I think it’s pretty chump that some guy who supposedly is all into the fan sharing thing asked the Internet Archive to remove his live recordings.

So after seeing it at Om’s site I thought the story made for good Boing Boing material and submitted it to them. Boing Boing in turn published the story and now Matt has the top site on Google when you search for Dave Matthews Stand Up (the name of the new CD)

Isn’t this new internet thing great.