ExtremeTech Interviews Microsoft’s XBox VP Todd Holmdahl

Todd Holmdahl: Xbox 360 Interview with ExtremeTech Extrem Tech has an interesting interview out with Microsoft’t XBox VP Todd Holmdahl. Holmdahl is responsible for all the hardware development, hardware and semiconductor teams, manufacturing, and test teams.

Worth noting:

“TH: With the Xbox 360 you’ll be able to connect to composite or component out of the box. ”


“TH: Quality always takes precedent in what we do. We have a great experience in both high definition and in standard definition. It’s a very high quality signal, we meet all the specifications that are out there worldwide. Many of the people on the team we had working on the product came from the WebTV space where they spent a lot of time developing TV encoders and they understand that space very well. We also spent a lot of time working with ATI, and ATI is a leader in developing technology for high definition TV sets. You take that group of people, the expertise that they have. A lot of that is our internal technology. You take our people and the ATI people and you put them together, and you develop a very efficient, effective, high-quality TV encoder.”

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