The Engadget – Bill Gates Interview

The Engadget Interview: Bill Gates, Pt. 1 – Engadget – / Well I guess he doesn’t play favorites after all.

After giving an interview a few months back to influential gadget site Gizmodo, Gates is back this time with an interview for Peter Rojas of Engadget. Nice work Peter — and Bill, I think that your doing these kinds of interviews, your openness and transparency, and a willingness to engage the blogging community will pay you and Microsoft back in spades down the line.

Some of my favorite quotes:

On Xenon, the new Xbox: “we’re going to have this next generation machine out so that it’s going to be timed with high definition becoming very mainstream.”

On the Xbox and Media Center integration: “So the high-end scenario for us is you’ve got Media Center PC, that’s where your state is, but then you’ve got your Xenon out that are connecting up to that. Xenon itself will have some neat capabilities, but we’re in pre-introduction here, and that group is brilliant about the unveiling. They’ve been very coy up ‘til this point and I wouldn’t want to steal any of their thunder.”

And as the teaser. Stay tuned for more on Media Center from Bill Gates tomorrow.

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