Dish 942 HDTV PVR – First Look

Dish 942 HDTV PVR – First Look – Mediacentric: Chuck Lawson over at Mediacentric is out with a first take review of Dish Network’s Dishplayer 942 HDTV PVR.

Chuck starts his review with this little warning:

“Okay, first up, a warning stay away from HD.

For the first ten minutes, it looks stunningly gorgeous. Then it looks normal. After that, all of the non-HD content you watch like looks like crap.”

Very well put Chuck. I see we have another convert.

Chuck says that the Dish 942 HDTV PVR actually works pretty well for him. It sounded pretty easy to set up, has two tuners and can hold about 25 hours of HDTV content. Click through to the story to read his full review.

These type of HDTV PVRs will be the competition for TiVo and Media Center going forward. It will be important that TiVo and Media Center are able to distinguish themselves in the HDTV PVR space in order to convince people that it is worth spending the money over what you can get for free (kinda free anyway) from your cable or satellite provider.