Who’s Going to Win The Living-Room Wars?

WSJ.com – Who’s Going to Win The Living-Room Wars? Well I have to say having a “Free Features” section is at least a step in the right direction for the notoriously closed and increasingly less relevant Wall Street Journal.

Today the Journal offers a fairly well written good overview piece on the battle for the living room as it stands today. They cover all of the major players and their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Joe Belfiore, Media Center’s general manager is quoted in a few areas.

“Customers know that “the PC has value,” says Mr. Belfiore, Microsoft’s Media Center general manager. “This lets them get that value on a different screen.””

Belfiore also points out that Microsoft is betting on more than one horse in living room race. “We have bets on more than one number,” says Joe Belfiore. Microsoft has partnered with the Bells on their upcoming IPTV efforts and also is currently running their “Foundation” user interface on a trial basis for Comcast in Washington state. Thanks, Cory!