TiVo Principal Engineer Arthur van Hoff Resigns

TiVo principal engineer resigned | News.blog | CNET News.com: Arthur van Hoff, principal engineer at TiVo resigned in February he confirmed Wednesday, according to CNET.

You may remember van Hoff as the guy who started Strangeberry that was kind of a top secret thing that TiVo bought for a while. It ended up being about the HME and van Hoff apparently had worked on TiVoToGo while at TiVo.

Prior to starting Strangeberry, van Hoff was Founder and CTO of Marimba and had worked as a key team member developing Java at Sun.

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  1. Mike says:

    Although Mr. van Hoff had apparently resigned in late February – prior to the story about TiVo being in talks with Google and Yahoo, I suspect this departure is a result of the shift in thinking at TiVo and signals that things are irrevocably changed for the DVR Pioneer.

    So sell it then…hopfully the shareholders will benifit from the sale and TiVo can continue to realize some of it’s visionary potential as the internet and the tv continue to morph into something diffrent.