Samsung, Microsoft in HDTV Pact on New Xbox Console

Looks like Microsoft is going to set up a bunch of Xbox kiosks that showcase the new Xbox on Samsung high-def TVs. So when do we get some kind of confirmation that the new Xbox (Xenon) will stream HDTV as an extender unit? Do we have to wait until May 12th?

“In order to keep the buzz going for its next generation of Xbox, Microsoft announced today that it has chosen Samsung as the exclusive HDTV worldwide marketing partner for the next-generation Xbox high-definition (HD) gaming platform.

In order to promote the Next Generation of XBOX video game console, the companies plan to place over 25,000 Samsung high-definition televisions in Microsoft Xbox retail kiosk locations around the world.

On April 11th, Microsoft said it would give gamers a sneak peek at the next-generation Xbox video game system on May 12th on MTV television, however a release date has yet to be announced.

“Samsung is a natural partner to showcase the richness of the next-generation Xbox,” said Peter Moore, Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Publishing for Xbox at Microsoft. “Samsung HDTVs will provide Xbox enthusiasts with the truest high-definition gaming experience available.”