New FCC Chairman Harry Potter, I mean Kevin Martin, Talks About, Well I’m Not Quite Sure What

New FCC chairman bullish on deregulation | CNET Well for the first time we get to hear a little bit from Kevin Martin in his new roll as FCC Chairman. Not a lot to report unfortunately.

From CNET:

“Although Martin’s speech lasted only a few minutes before he was whisked offstage, he spoke briefly about the role the FCC should play in shaping the nation’s broadband policy. Martin said he would continue down the path set by former FCC chairman Michael Powell by creating a “level playing field” between providers in a “deregulatory, not regulatory, fashion.”

Thomas Hawk’s reaction: Huh? Say what? Whatchyou talkin’ about Willis?

From CNET: “He applauded the cable industry for its estimated $95 billion investment to upgrade its coaxial networks to support digital and high-definition video, high-speed Internet access and phone services. The cable industry has reaped the rewards of this upgrade, and now owns the largest market share of broadband customers in the country.”

Thomas Hawk’s reaction: Ok, whatever. What about the damn CableCARD?