An Interesting Article on Open Media by Leslie Walker of the Washington Post

Internet TV Age Is Dawning, but Who Will Watch? Leslie Walker is out with a really good article on Open Media for the Washington Post where she writes about the new micro content of internet television and the internetworks that are producing it.

“The big challenges facing Internet TV ventures, of course, will be how to attract quality content and find the right audience. Who wants to watch a TV show about a man afraid to use public restrooms? How about a video blog of your neighbors eating breakfast? If there are audiences for such shows, how will the producers of such fare find them?

“It is a classic chicken-and-egg thing,” said Josh Bernoff, a Forrester analyst. “If they get the content, people will come and use it. And if people come and use it, then folks will want to make their content available on the system.”

Thanks, David!