Gateway Releases a Sub $1,000 Quiet BTX Media Center

Gateway announced today that included in it’s new spring line of PCs will be a $999 priced Media Center PC that is cooled using Intel’s BTX reference design. BTX stands for balanced technology extended and provides better air flow to cool hot running PCs.

From the press release:

“Based on Intel’s BTX architecture, the Gateway 832GM features an efficient cooling system with two large fans that provide three times the airflow of a traditional PC. This sophisticated cooling design can easily handle gaming, graphics, digital media and other power-hungry applications without overheating. The BTX design keeps key components cooler, which increases their reliability. Plus, the large fans spin at 40 percent slower speeds, resulting in whisper quiet operation that makes it the ideal entertainment PC for the living room, dorm or bedroom.”

One of the criticisms by some for putting a PC in the living room is that they are noisy and not conducive to a sound sensitive environment.

It is good to see the price points on Media Center PCs getting cheaper and cheaper as at the same time they get quieter and quieter.