The Future of Long Tail Video Delivery

Search engines, startup media sites dream of becoming video hubs USC Annenberg’s Online Journalism Review has an excellent article out by Mark Glaser on the upcoming boom that you will see shortly in micro content video.

Glaser writes about many of the new internetworks and includes comments by many people that you’ve seen written about at in the past: Jeremy Allaire, JD Lasica, Marc Canter and companies or efforts like Brightcove, Google Video, Open Media, Our Media, etc.

Gary Price mentions a bunch of other companies working in this space right now in a comment at the article as well: BlinkxTV, Virage, SpeechBot, TVEyes, ShawdowTV and Feedroom. I’d also throw in there CozmoTV and Akimbo.

Things are starting to get very exciting folks. The question is, when will I see all of this microcontent on my MCE or TiVo box? I want my, I want my, I want my “My TV.”

Thanks, Eric!