Dell’s First MCE Laptop, Inspiron 9300 reviewed by PC Magazine

The new Dell Inspiron 9300. Dell’s first notebook Media Center Edition PC

Dell Inspiron 9300 review by PC Magazine PC Magazine is out with a review of the new Dell Inspiron 9300, their first Media Center laptop. They rate it “Very Good” and as the bottom line write, “The Dell Inspiron 9300 is the company’s first Media Center Edition notebook, and it’s a fine effort. It is a very good system if you’re a multimedia fanatic, a DVR junkie, or a part-time gamer.” They note that on the pro side it has a great-looking screen, blistering graphics and a very good battery life given the size. On the con side they note that the TV tuner is external and optional. It looks like it will sell for around $2,869.