Chris Lanier is Really Down on Windows Media Player 10

Microsoft: Fix WMP Or Trash It! Chris Lanier is really down on Windows Media Player 10 and writes:

“Not only was Windows Media Player 10 a huge disappointment for WMP users, MCE users are feeling it now. There are over 100+ bugs in Windows Media Player 10. Over 100 bugs people, 100. Why in the world was a product released as final with that many bugs? Microsoft just doesn’t care or something? Seems like that to me and countless others.”


“My personal advice to people would be not to use WMP unless you have too. Go find another program that fits your needs and that works! When and if Microsoft can figure out how to get their act together, come back, if you want to. I sure as hell would not still be using WMP if it was not for MCE, which forces you to use WMP. Use another player that works as advertised.”

Wow, these are pretty strong words and not necessarily good things to hear about your product. I don’t think that I feel quite as strongly as Chris does but there is indeed work to do on Windows Media Player. Besides lack of satellite or cable HDTV support my biggest gripe with MCE is the fact that it can take upwards of 5 to 10 minutes for me to move around in the media library due to the massive performance limitations for large libraries in Windows Media Player.

The problem is that I see the potential that WMP can be — and it’s nothing short of amazing. It’s like when you have an A student that is doing B or C+ work. It’s not that B or C+ work is necessarily bad but it’s just that you know the student is capable of so much more.

Windows Media Player truly could be amazing but Chris is right, bugs need to be fixed, the library needs to be fixed and I can see where in a fit of frustration Chris might kind of come down hard on Microsoft and the product.

But here is the bigger gripe for me. How about a little communication here? I am really really fine when someone says you know, we are aware of the problem and we plan on having it fixed by X date. And even if it can’t be fixed by X date I’m ok with that too. But I think that Microsoft needs to better communicate the fixes that may or may not be coming with regards to Windows Media Player.

I don’t think that Microsoft simply doesn’t care as Chris suggests, but I think that there is a misguided sense that to acknowledge weakness in a product is somehow bad. And there seems to be hesitancy to announce fixes most likely due to disappointment that might arise if they can’t meet the stated time frame.

Still I think that to open up the fixes to a certain degree of transparency — especially with WMP — would be a good thing.

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  1. Well we know now (from your Allchin dinner) that fixes aren’t coming for maybe another 18 months.