AnandTech Puts Six MCE TV Tuners to the Test

AnandTech: MCE TV Tuner Roundup: Featuring ATI’s Theater 550 & NVIDIA’s NVTV: Anandtech has an excellent article out today which reviews six standard definition TV tuners which all have official MCE support. This is a great article and timely for me as well as I’m looking to upgrade my MCE tuner shortly.

Cards covered include: ATI’s eHome Wonder, ATI’s TV Wonder Elite, AverMedia M150, eMuzed Maui-II PCI PVR, Hauppauge WinTV PVR-250 and NVIDIA’s dual tuner NVTV.

Chris Lanier points out that what we need next is to see a similar article which outlines the various HDTV tuners that are available as well.

Thanks Chris!