State of the Blogosphere Part 3: The A-List and the Long Tail

Sifry’s Alerts: State of the Blogosphere March 2005, Part 3: The A-List and the Long Tail Dave Sifry is out with more interesting reporting on the state of the blogosphere. This time Dave looks at the most linked mainstream media sites vs. blogs.

Although it’s obvious that blogs are gaining significance, it’s still interesting to me that the New York Times ranks as the top spot. Although I reluctantly link to them occasionally, I’d expect more of a backlash from the blogosphere based on their required registration position and the wall of paid content over time. I suppose that there are ways around some of these things — still, it’s surprising to me. I guess that just speaks still to the perceived quality of their material that they can overcome still these objections.

Also, one day Slashdot was a blog — the top blog by the way — on Technorati and then all of a sudden they dropped off the radar. It seems that something changed at Technorati and all of a sudden Boing Boing was the new number one and Slashdot had been reclassified. I never saw an explanation on the rationale behind this. I’d be interested in how Technorati makes these distinctions.

I’d also love to see the same analysis chart for the top 1000 sources, not just the top 40 in a readable form. I’m sure Technorati could run this.

Very interesting stuff

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