Problem with Windows Media Player – Can’t Process Media Information Now

So for the last week every time that I try to “process media information now” under the tools section of WMP 10 (I assume that this is needed in order to update my star rankings so that they reflect on my Media Center PC in my living room), my WMP 10 just hangs. Sometimes it processes just 1% and then gets stuck. Other times not even that. If I go to bed and wait it’s still trying to process media information now when I get up hours later.

Anyone have any idea why “process media information now,” seems to get stuck some time and how I might get it working again?

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  1. Hi Thomas,

    I also found that WMP seems to get stuck “processing media information” with the option “maintain star ratings” turned on. For me it helped to turn that option off (and click OK to accept the dialog box), then process the media, then turn the option on again and then reprocess the media. This may help you as well, but I know this is a rather strange workaround.

  2. Hate to say it, but this is also one of the flaky features of the Library that never seems to get fixed, one matter how many people bring it up. 🙁 Hopefully the above helped, if not…..

  3. I had the same problem and the only solution to get the function to work was by completely removing the library. After restarting WMP and creating a new library, the media information could be processed. Interestingly my new library file was about half the size of the old one so probably the reason why the function did not work was because of all the old data in the library file.

    Hope this will solve your problem!

    Greetz! Tom

    PS: the library can be found in:
    Documents And Settings\-your name-\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player

  4. Spent too long on this. Now wmp is really processing the media info as I write. Delete the library as described above. I could find the maintain ratings option. But what seems to be working is scanning only ONE media folder at a time. Wait…

    I’m stuck at 19% on the progress bar. If I actually succeed I’ll post again.

  5. Hi
    have you found a solution to this problem yet? I also have the same prob except it just hangs on 76% left it on all weekend and it is still on 76% I have tried deleting the library and then putting everything back and now it hangs on 4% ????? Help!

  6. “Reregister WMP.dll. Type: REGSVR32.exe WMP.dll in a command prompt.”

    This actually seemed to work, at least it is making progress now, albeit excruciatingly slowly. 18% in 2 hours. But I’ve got over 25 gig of files for it to process, so maybe thats ok.

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