Orb Networks – One More Thing to Try

Michael Gartenberg – Orb Networks goes free Well although skeptical, I’ve been aware of Orb for a little while and it looks like I will need to get around to testing and trying their software. They seem to have just made me an offer I can’t refuse.

According to Michael Gartenberg, Orb is now offering their software and service FREE! — that magic little four letter word in the English language.

Orb allows you to stream all of your media to your cell phone or laptop.

More on this after I do a little testing.

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  1. Tim Coyle says:

    I tried out Orb and put some screen shots up on my blog. I was impressed by the quality of the streaming video to my laptop. Not great integration with my Media Center though but now that it’s free it’s worth it to keep it and see what develops.