Microsoft’s Matt Goyer – I’m an HD Convert and There’s No Going Back

Matt Goyer ‘s blog – The completely egotistical storyline of my life Matt Goyer cancelled his Millenium Cable today. He only is watching OTA HDTV now. In big bold letters at the end of his post he writes, “I can’t watch standard definition TV anymore.” This is very comforting to hear from someone working on the Media Center team.

Like me, Matt has seen the light.

So my question for Matt is, what video card / tuner combo are you using to capture your HDTV signal? It may be time for old Thomas Hawk to break down and try and upgrade my MCE machine.

My other question for Matt is why not Foundation TV? This is being run in trials in Washington State where you live I understand.

I do have my HDTV TiVo to get me by of course but what I’ve really wanted all along more than anything from Microsoft is my HDTV MCE machine — well that and better support for my large .mp3 library.

Of course the billion dollar question is when will I be able to get HDTV satellite or cable from MCE and although I suspect Matt has a little more definitive answer than I do I wouldn’t except to hear him sharing it anytime soon — loose lips sink ships and all.

Of course it would generate a lot of excitement once Microsoft confirms that cable or satellite HDTV will be a reality and that it’s only a matter of time.