Mark Jen blogs his Google AdSense Financials

ninetyninezeros: blog and adsense stats – Mark Jen’s Life After Google Fired Google employee and now hired Plaxo employee Mark Jen blogs that he made $194.21 in February and $133.22 from Google’s AdSense in February and March.

Google should be applauded for opening up their TOS and allowing people to post this info. But we still ought to know the Google/Blogger split.

You would not take a job without knowing the split in revenue as a sales professional. Why won’t Google disclose this number? Is it because they are embarrassed of how badly they are ripping bloggers off? Would they be afraid that a 90/10 split in the favor of Google would be negative PR or even considered, god forbid, “evil” by some? Or are there other reasons?

I mean, wouldn’t the “non evil” (or would that be “good”?) thing to do be to say, hey, we provide a valuable service to help bloggers eke out a living, they provide us an excellent advertising vehicle. Here’s the split and here’s why it’s fair. I certainly would respect the company a lot more if they did the right thing here. Is this too much to ask? Might the financials of the AdSense program be too lucrative for Google to potentially open up this split to criticism and risk killing the goose that lays the golden eggs?

Opening up transparency on the financials in their TOS is a good first step for Google but more work is needed.

And thanks to VC Fred Wilson and the subsequent news pickup by John Battelle for building publicity behind this issue and making sure that transparency and progress are being made in this area. Obviously Google pays attention to John’s blog and when he picks something up it’s good to know that it gets on Google’s radar.

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