Lonely for Conversation? Talk to Your Media Center PC

One Voice Technologies One Voice Technologies is out today with a press release on their Media Center Communicator. You may have read some of the inital details on their product in December over at eHomeupgrade.

The software claims to “revolutionize the digital home experience by allowing you to talk to your Media Center PC.”

The Media Center Communicator will retail for $149.95 and includes a CD, installation guide and USB Desktop Microphone. The software works with Media Center Edition 2005

In addition to voice navigating through Media Center, the package claims to allow you to send e-mail, read e-mail, text message, instant message, pc-to-pc audio and video call, and best of all, they claim to offer full-duplex, high quality phone calling PC-to-phone anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

Wow, sounds exciting. I’d probably recommend that they also look at adding: read RSS, call Skype and incorporate some kind of MCE voicemail. I’ve always thought that the MCE remote should double as a phone. Although I don’t think that his product includes a phone remote per se, this sounds like a great first step towards more Media Center convergence.

Nice work guys. Would love to demo it.

I will of course though be that guy that doesn’t so much talk with my Media Center PC, but rather yells at it for not being able to show me the Sopranos in high def.