IAC Buys Ask Jeeves for $1.85 Million

Bloomberg.com: Top Worldwide So no sooner does Ask Jeeves buy Bloglines then IAC Buys Ask Jeeves. The big fish swallows the medium size fish who swallows the smaller fish.

So in addition to Ticketmaster, Citysearch, Expedia, Evite, and Match.com, Internet conglomerate IAC is now going to own Ask Jeeves.

John Battelle says that the acquisition is ultimately about integrating search and television and I’d agree wholeheartedly. Diller is a seasoned television veteran and I would be surprised if he did not try to somehow leverage his internet properties into television at some point. Battelle writes that the first search player to strike a deal with Comcast will have an advantage. Microsoft and TiVo both should be working on search platforms for television as well if they know what’s good for them. Already you can use the internet to program your recordings with TiVo and Media Center with fairly good search capabilities for programming.

Ultimately RSS feeds will be created that allow a cable or satellite customer to subscribe to various video and audio searches for their PVRs for both major media as well as micro content.