Gordon Bell on Channel 9

Gordon Bell – What did Gordon miss? Channel 9 is out with a Gordon Bell interview that apparently among other things discusses the history of the internet.

Gordon Bell is a hero of mine and I think the the work that he and Jim Gemmell are doing with the digitization of your entire life aka mylifebits is fascinating work. I’ve begun my own personal mylifebits project and now scan everything that I possibly can. I’m trying to eliminate paper entirely from my life. It’s a massive project and I’ve still got a long long way to go but at present I have a little over 5,000 scanned .pdf documents, over 55,000 .jpg images (digital photos, scanned photos, and stuff I’ve found worth saving on the internet), and a mammoth .mp3 library from all of my CDs that I’ve ripped.

I’m looking forward to watching this video when I’ve got a little time this weekend, Gordon always has interesting stuff to say.

I’d love to see Gordon and/or Jim start blogging. I’m sure these guys see great stuff relating to digitization and personal archiving on the internet every day. It would be great to see their work take on a more interactive form and have them share a lot of this stuff with us as they discover it.

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