Good Friday’s 20 Random Songs from Thomas Hawk’s Windows Media Player 5 Star Playlist

1. Freedom of ’76, Ween, Freedom of ’76 CD Single
2. Kentucky House, Freakwater, Old Paint
3. Jaded Lover, Jerry Jeff Walker, Ridin’ High
4. Seventeen Again, Eurythmics, Eurythmics Greatest Hits
5. Tangled Up in Blue, Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks
6. Tomorrow is a Long Time, Rod Stewart, Every Picture Tells a Story
7. Bad Mouth, Fugazi, 13 Songs
8. Tuff Gnarl, Sonic Youth, Sister
9. Youngstown (live), Bruce Springsteen, Old Habbits (bootleg)
10. I Am the Walrus, The Beatles, 1967-1970
11. Tear Stained Eye, Son Volt, Trace
12. Kids in America, The Muffs, Clueless Soundtrack
13. I’ve Been Delivered, The Wallflowers, Breach
14. Asking for It, Hole, Live Through This (bootleg)
15. Flake, Jack Johnson, Bushfire Fairytales
16. I Don’t Beleive You, Bob Dylan, Seven Years of Bad Luck (bootleg)
17. Love Song (live), Tori Amos, After Burn (bootleg)
18. Watching Amy Dance, Buddy Miller, Your Love and Other Lies
19. Landslide (live), Stevie Nicks, VH1 Storytellers (bootleg)
20. Long Black Veil, Johnny Cash, Unearthed, Disc 1

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