Diego Adds VoIP to its Moxi Set-Top

eHomeUpgrade | Diego Adds VoIP to its Moxi Set-Top Very interesting. Diego, maker of the Moxi set-top box is getting into the VoIP business it would appear. eHomeUpgrade is out with a story on Om Malik’s piece on this.

Telephone functionality through your home entertainment center is a natural. Whether it’s Moxi, or TiVo or Media Center. Your home entertainment center should own the telephone functionality of your home.

This should include at least one RF remote control that doubles as a cordless phone and more 2.7-GHz additional cordless phone units for the home. Your entertainment system should absolutely own all voicemail and also allow you to record phone calls.

Adding in VoIP by Moxi is an added bonus and will allow them an opportunity to take some of that valuable phone money away from folks like SBC. Microsoft should expand the basic caller ID functionality of today’s Media Center to include an exhaustive array of phone services.

Microsoft could have a hard time actually pursuing VoIP as a part of this though as they have recently signed several IPTV deals with the Telcos and might not want to rock that boat. On the other hand they might use their existing relationships to incorporate these service providers into what I’m sure will be en eventual suite of telephone services available through Media Center.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The company name is Digeo.