Clearing up the HDTV picture

Clearing up the HDTV picture | CNET CNET suggests that many people who are caught up in the HDTV rage at the moment buy the sets based on carefully crafted showroom demonstrations designed to show via closed circuit the amazing capabilities of HDTV but when they get home end up watching regular television on their fancy new sets and that, “about two-thirds, aren’t watching shows in HD even though they think they are,” according to Bruce Leichtman of Leichtman Research group.

Wow. Personally I’d think you’d have to be pretty blind not to be able to tell the difference between HDTV programs and regular television on an HDTV set, but perhaps some people out there really are just that blind.

According to CNET, research firm iSuppli the number of HDTV sets shipped in North America will hit over 14.9 million units this year. Personally I’m glad to see it. The more consumers buy HDTV TiVo units the greater the market will be for HDTV type sevices for PC and CE based home entertainment products.