Blogger, How About Letting me Pay?

Status.Blogger.Com For the past couple of weeks the performance of Blogger has gone from bad to worse. Although it’s hard to criticize a service that I don’t pay for it is really really frustrating. I love Blogger’s software, Picasa’s photo uploading and the whole nine yards. Although I could switch to another publishing tool I’m really comfortable with Blogger. It has all the features that I want and other than the horrible performance of recent I’m pretty happy with it.

I can definitely understand the term growing pains, however, what about letting me pay and opperate off of a faster more powerful server. Didn’t Blogger formerly have a pay version and a free version? I’m happy to pay for good service and blogger is a significant enough of a part of my life that it would be a worthwhile value proposition for me for improved and more consistent performance. C’mon Google, get it together.