Yet Another Contender for Your Living Room, Mediabolic Unveils Network Media Player

Yahoo! News – Mediabolic Unveils Network Media Player: Jim Louderback is out with an article from PC Magazine on another new contender for the living room. The latest offering comes from software company Mediabolic and boasts a fairly reasonable price tag. As an interesting strategy, the company will be embedding it’s device in televisions as early as this year. More details from Jim’s article:

“The device runs an embedded version of Linux (news – web sites), and is built around a video processing chip from Equator. It supports DivX 5, MPEG 1,2 and 4, along with WMA, WMV, MP3 and ASF formats. It should cost around $250 when it’s released later this year. The company is working with ODMs and OEMs to deliver the product; it won’t sell it directly. It supports HD and SD television, and includes DVI, HDMI and Component, along with standard composite video.”