What’s Up With Google Video Search

So I just wrote a post on an interview done by Google Blogoscoped with John Battelle (see below) and I thought I’d pull a screen shot that I had previously seen of John Battelle being interviewed on 60 Minutes from the high profile Google piece a while back.

So I went to Google Video Search, typed in Battelle and didn’t get any hits back. I remembered writing a few weeks ago about the Battelle screenshot being the first image to come up under a search for Microsoft so I next tried the Microsoft search. Once again, no Battelle/60 Minutes image or story. See Below.

Google Video Search for Microsoft

At first I thought what’s going on here, why would Google purposely pull the 60 Minutes story from their Video Search but then I noticed that the entire search for Microsoft was relatively sparse. In fact there are only 135 entries in all for Microsoft on Google Video Search.

Is Google not keeping these shows in an archive for later searches? And why are there so few results for Microsoft and none for Battelle when he obviously was just on television recently?