The Tivo Drama Plays On

The Tivo Drama Plays On Technology Review is the latest to offer up their report on the present state of TiVo:

“On Friday, the company acknowledged that its most recent quarter — one that saw a major ad campaign aimed at boosting its subscriber numbers during the holiday season — didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

Faithful hoped that the $50 million, holiday media blitz and the unit’s $99 price tag would vault the company into the pantheon of must-have gifts in November and December. Instead, the company reaffirmed its previous guidance for between 200,000 and 275,000 new subscribers, which many found to be a great disappointment.

Tivo investors, perhaps fearing far worse, actually drove the stock up on the news, perhaps used to the company reporting bad news, and fearful that the company would do far worse than it had previously forecast.

Maybe the soft bigotry of low expectations isn’t such a bad thing after all. “