The Richmond Times-Dispatch (the Richmond who?) Reviews MCE | Entertain the notion of PC media center Doug Stanley covers MCE 2005 in his plugged in column in the TimesDispatch.

“A better TV experience: Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 is Microsoft’s third iteration of its media-centered operating system and offers significant improvements. The most notable center on TV viewing and recording. Picture quality is markedly improved, thanks in part to better hardware, and now rivals what you’d expect from a decent TV set.

Support for multiple tuners makes it possible to record one show while watching another or to record two shows at once. The Internet-fed TV guide includes a new feature for movie buffs. Movie Finder will show you what’s on now, what’s on next or enable you to search for upcoming movies by genre, actor, director and more. When available, Movie Finder displays images of a movie’s retail box, giving the feel of having a video store in your computer.

One shortcoming is Media Center Edition’s incompatibility with satellite or cable high-definition television. An HDTV tuner can be connected to a media center PC, but recorded programs will be in standard format, not high definition. To receive HDTV signals, a standard HDTV antenna for over-the-air signals is required.”

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