Microsoft and Alcatel partner to push harder for IPTV

Q&A;: Microsoft, Alcatel Collaboration Propels Internet Protocol TV into Primetime

“Well, if IPTV was in first gear before, we have just shifted into at least third. Alcatel has made many early investments in advancing broadband and triple-play services, as well as IPTV solutions. Microsoft has focused on cable TV and IPTV platform software and driven a broad initiative targeting the “connected-home.” We have both made significant progress in the marketplace. So we have complementary skills and this agreement is a classic win-win — Alcatel will be Microsoft’s preferred network access and systems integration partner and Microsoft TV will be Alcatel’s preferred software partner for IPTV sales efforts on a global scale. This is a precedent-setting alliance for the industry that will create a whole new dynamic that we expect will propel the industry forward.”

Thanks, Lost Remote.