Image Search: Does Size Matter?

Yahoo! Search blog: Image Search: Does Size Matter? Yahoo! Search Blog is out with a post on enhancements that they’ve done to their Yahoo! image search that sound pretty cool. You can search only by black and white photos for instance. You can also specify the word large or small in your search term and refine your search without using the advanced image search features.

Pretty cool stuff. Image search is one of the things that I’m super excited about right now. My real burning question though, that I still can’t figure out, is why are my photos ranked so highly on Google? I’m now on the first page results for both “rain” and “jackson” for image search — out of over 700,000 possible results.

Google Image Search is now responsible for somewhere around 70% of the traffic to

I’d like to think that my Google Image Page Rank (if such a thing exists) is high because my photos are good or perhaps that Google is somehow recognizing photobloggers as providing better quality images — but I don’t think that this is it. There probably is more to the story.

Yahoo! by contrast provides very little traffic to my images through their image search. Again, a mystery. Although I’m not in the top page for “rain” with Yahoo image search though, the same highly rated photo for “rain” on Google does come up as the first, second and third result on Yahoo Image Search for “rain san francisco.”