Andrew Kantor in USA Today on Big Drives, Fat Pipes and the Future of Television

Yahoo! News – Andrew Kantor: CyberSpeak – Big drives, wide pipes will shift how we watch TV: Former PC Magazine editor Andrew Kantor is out with a fairly insightful article regarding the future of television and the technology that will make the future changes possible. Suffice it to say that as storage costs come down and bandwidth costs come down Kantor feels that a plethora of new opportunities will arrise for the TV consumer.

He also discusses the implications of mirrored data, peer to peer, and video on demand. The term terabyte is becoming so common these days. I like it when I start seeing USA Today talk about peta- and exabyte levels of storage.

Also of note is that in as prominent a publication as USA Today you have Kantor giving a plug to Rep. Rick Boucher’s Digital Media Consumer Rights Act which supposedly will “restore viewers’ rights and eviscerate the DMCA,” according to Kantor.

“The digitalization of content is giving us a lot more flexibility than we could have dreamed. Suddenly everything is portable and easily distributed, and that’s going to give us new ways to enjoy the media – what we want, on our schedule, on the devices we choose. Provided, of course, Congress does the right thing.”