Why Josh Bancroft Loves Bloglines

GeekBlog.org: Why I Love Bloglines Josh Bancroft of Geek Blog has written a post on why he loves bloglines. I can’t agree with Josh more. Bloglines is at present the leading RSS aggregator but it is so much more than this.

Josh sums up his feelings about bloglines:

“It sounds completely corny, but Bloglines has seriously changed my life, and the way I read on the internet. I spend probably 97% or more of my internet reading time reading feeds in Bloglines. The other 3% is accounted for by reading articles linked in feed posts, and reading the Ars forums. Seriously.

Anymore, if a site doesn’t offer an RSS feed for syndication, I won’t read it. Not because I’m trying to be an elitist snob, but because RSS and Bloglines are how I manage my information intake, and if I can’t subscribe to a site’s feed, chances are very low that I’m going to remember to check back in the future for any updates.”

Ditto Josh. Couldn’t live without it. (Thanks, Scoble!)