Want to Build a HUGE mp3 library quickly and on the cheap?

LIVEdigitally – reviews: dmp3 CD ripping services: Introduction

dmp3 is a local Bay Area company that is looking to capitilize on the recent explosion of iPods and portable audio playing devices.

For a small fee, dmp3 will rip your entire CD collection, for those too lazy to do it themeselves, and provide your collection to you on either hard disc or your iPod.

This sounds like a pretty viable business model targeting the digitally illiterate — and as a side bonus, one heck of a fast way for someone to build up a little, er.. mammoth… digital music library of their own on the side.

As an aside, “consultants” could point their “clients” to the many used CD stores that would be willing to purchase your discs when you are done with your “conversion” for more than the converstion itself costs.

So here’s the plan:

Step One. Start a company that offers as a “service” the ability to rip someone’s CD collection to .mp3 for them (charge them $1.25 per disc).

Step Two. While making the digital copy of a library, feel free to peruse the collection and add anything that you don’t already own to your own collection as well. (Hopefully your “clients” have interesting musical taste).

Step Three. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Piracy? Or absolute digital genius, you be the judge. Nice work dmp3!

More from Ed Bott on “Project Rip Your CDs.”

Thanks Alice and Bill!