TiVo-To-Go a No-Go or a Yes-Go?

Hey, look, I get criticized a lot for being down on TiVo. I LOVE TiVo. I use my HDTV DirecTV TiVo every day. However, and a big however, get yourself a pubsub subscription to the term “tivo” as I have and you will see a plethora of opinions out there on the new TiVoToGo service and some people do think it sucks.

Just because some people are saying TiVoToGo sucks doesn’t mean that I’ve tried it or can speak about it with any degree of authority. It’s not my fault if people who are trying it don’t like it. Don’t shoot the messenger.

That being said, Scott-O-Rama is out with the latest rant on why TiVoToGo sucks.

Scott cites some of the usual reasons: no support for Macs, slow transfer speeds, etc. but spends most of his time citing what he feels are the problems with using the service to transfer shows to dvd.

On the other hand Steve Sizemore thinks it’s great and it seems to be working fine for him. “I’m moving a lot of old shows off of my Tivo (60GB) to my PC. It takes 20 minutes to transfer a 30 minute show recorded in Medium Quality over my wireless network. I’m using a linksys 802.11b USB adapter connected to an Linksys WRT-54g 802.11g access point.”

Steve even adds that after burning shows to dvd he can play them on his Mac.