A Short AP News Story on Media Center Extenders

Yahoo! News – PRODUCT REVIEW: Expanding Media Center PCs: ” I only ran into trouble with my 802.11g setup when my wife turned on the microwave, which interferes with the wireless signal. It made for some very choppy television until our bag of popcorn was fully popped.”

The theme that seems to keep coming up again and again is that the extenders work great, just don’t believe the hype when it comes to using it strictly in a wireless environment. In order to work more perfectly, these units need to be hard Cat 6 networked.

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  1. Ed Bott says:

    Actually, my Extender works just fine over Cat-5 wiring with Fast Ethernet. The rare problems occur when I overstress the CPU on the MCE machine. Network bandwidth has not been a problem in the two months I’ve been using it.

    But my one and only experience with a wireless connection was awful.