Part Two of the Gizmodo/Gates Interview Series

Gizmodo : Gates Interview Part Two: Windows Post-Longhorn and Apple’s Office Suite Gizmodo has what appears to be the second in a series of posts on their interview with Bill Gates.

Gates: But the full-screen… The idea that you get when you sit at two feet and you have a full screen, that will always be fundamental. That’s just human physiology. There’s nothing that substitutes for that. So whatever the software is—the platform that drives that two foot experience—will always be the most important software we do. Not so important that if we don’t connect up with other people’s software and other devices and ourselves write software for those other devices that we’ll stay successful. It’s a heterogeneous world. Will it be more tablet oriented, will it be more speech recognition oriented—well we put more R&D; into those breakthroughs than any company on the planet. We’re very optimistic about those things.