Part Two of the BBC News Interview with Bill Gates

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click Online | Gates says security is priority: The BBC News is out with part two of their interview with Microsoft visionary Bill Gates. I love it every time I see Gates publicly mention Microsoft’s Media Center technology and he does so again in this article. I think the fact that Gate’s stresses the technology so often shows how important it is to Microsoft and puts a very optimistic spin on what we might expect from Microsoft for home media in the future.

Although most of the article talked about what Microsoft is doing (or what the interviewer felt not doing enough of) regarding security, the interview also referenced Longhorn and it’s future as a Microsoft product. Gates did not specifically set a target date but did provide rough estimates of a 2005 beta followed by a 2006 launch — but on a to be determined type of basis.

Media Center came into play once again when Gates admited that fame does carry a price but also has benefits as to his ability to promote innovative products like Media Center for Microsoft.

“Stephen Cole:

Do you enjoy the celebrity focus – being in the spotlight, being on camera like today. Do you enjoy being the celebrity that you are, the media focus?

Bill Gates:

It’s certainly got some minuses, but there are some pluses in terms of being able to get out and articulate breakthrough products like the new music devices, talk about the Media Center and really let people know about the new opportunities they have. “