No Microsoft MVP Award This Year for Chris Lanier

No MVP Award This Year! Rather Pissed I’m not entirely familiar with all of the politics involving Microsoft’s MVP Awards, or quite frankly even aware how they work at all, but apparently Chris Lanier who runs a blog on Media Center and is involved with The Green Button, among other things, had previously been a Microsoft MVP but was passed over for this distinction this year.

To overlook the contributions that Chris has made in the area of Micrsoft’s Media Center Edition software seems very short sighted on Microsoft’s part. Chris has been very involved in evangelizing MCE through his blog, his newsgroup posts and all the work he does over at The Green Button. In fact I can think of few other non-Microsoft employees who have been as diligent in educating the public and promoting the MCE platform than Chris.

It’s quite surprising to me that Microsoft would rather alienate someone like Chris than continue to involve him in this important process.