More on SBC’s TV-Internet Home Entertainment System

Yahoo! News – SBC to Sell TV-Internet Home Entertainment System: Not to distract from TiVo to Go’s big release news today, but SBC is out this morning throwing their hat into the ring as the latest who will shortly be offering a home media / DVR service. Their box reportedly will be made by 2Wire and will be positioned starting in mid-2005.

One of the things that SBC will be offering is Caller ID on your home media box (didn’t MCE do this like a year ago?).

Based on this article I’d guess that initially the programming will come from Echostar’s Dish Network.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    SBC is completely out of their league. They should get completely out of the cable business. They have no business whatsoever selling cable. First, they have no content whatsoever and must purchase their content from either DirecTV or Dish Network. I am in a SBC Home Entertainment/DirecTV building (note: most SBC HE buildings are DirecTV buildings, not Dish Network partnered buildings so this press release affects only a rather small part of SBC HE’s customers and is much too much hype about nothing at all), and have opted instead out of SBC’s overpriced inadequate service (exorbinate price to hook up multiple TV’s, monthly surcharges and no DVR capability, and no internet service whatsoever), to subscribe to Dish Network directly and a separate company to provide DSL internet. Apparently, SBC obtains contracts from apartment buildings to have exclusive cable rights from those buildings. But, if they don’t have direct rights to programing or ability (either contract or service restrictions) from providing internet, what are they in the cable business in the first place for anyway. What’s the purpose of caller ID on a cable box? Doesn’t everyone already have telephones with caller ID capability already, and you still need to subscribe to caller ID from your phone company? The caller ID feature seems plain downright stupid. I have it also on my Dish Network TV receiver box and don’t use it. To Dish Network’s credit, they don’t even bother to advertise it as a feature, I just found it by accident one day. As to internet, what’s up with SBC offering internet only through SBC/Yahoo DSL through phone lines? Isn’t cable ususally better for internet than phone lines? Why is SBC HE not offering high speed broadband internet through their cable lines as every real cable company does? Is SBC afraid to admit that since they are really a telephone company, not a cable company? SBC, please sell your Home Entertainment division to a cable company, please, please…you have no business in the cable business. Save the residents in your SBC HE buildings from further suffering, and save your stockholders from the monetary lose you undoubtedly will suffer in the long run from your getting into a business you have no business from being in the first place.

  2. Anonymous says:

    One last point: Isn’t it intesting that the original News Article was on Yahoo!, when Yahoo is an interested party to the transaction in that it is SBC/Yahoo! that is providing the DSL internet? Big deal…How many of SBC HE customers are in Dish Network buildings (rather than DirecTV buildings) and how many get internet through SBC/Yahoo? Apparently, not many based upon my research into SBC HE (look at their website,, if you don’t believe me). No, not a big deal… It would only be a big deal, at least for SBC HE customers, if SBC HE directly offered high speed broadband cable internet and directly got the rights to cable programming (rather than having to put DirecTV or Dish Network satellite dishes on their buildings) in order for them to have programming in the first place.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous that is an excellent write up of SBC Home Entertainment. Seriously, what a garbage company, I think I should take what you wrote and leave it for my apartment management to see. I sent this to them in the comments section of the SBC Website:

    Hello there,

    I am just wondering when SBC Home Entertainment will get with the times and offer customers what they want and be competitive with the other companies, without locking in apartment complexes to long and ridiculous “exclusive deals”. For example, I just moved into an apartment complex that utilizes SBC for resident ease (What a joke), for telephone, DSL, cable, and DirecTV.

    Now I would love to get your DirecTV service, but what kind of “Entertainment” company does not offer DVR to its customers, let alone not know nothing about them? This must be some kind of sick joke to expect people to pay $50+ a month and not having any kind of DVR/Control of their TV service. Expecting apartment customers to buy there own DVR’s, De-stackers, is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in my entire life. This is not the 80s anymore with basic television watching. On top of that there’s maintenance fee charges, etc, the insanity just does not end. I suppose if I lacked the quality of an entertainment company I would try and squeeze as much as I could as well, but give me a break.

    Then if people want to use their own DVR and not go with your DirecTV and go with regular cable, $29.99 for 40 channels? Outrageous.

    Does SBC have any plans this century to offer dual-tuner DVR’s to its apartment complexes if they get the overpriced DirecTV that you offer? Would be nice to know.