More Crap from the MPAA

It’s 10PM: Do You Know If Your Kids Are Downloading Movies? So now the MPAA has a software (shouldn’t this really be called spyware) download that will scan your computer for you and let you know how many of your files are illegal. Extreme Tech tested the service out:

Parent File Scan “does not distinguish between legal and illegal copies.”

Case in point, the 1359 music files it found on our test system are all legal files created from the owner’s CD collection.

How do you determine which files are legal and which aren’t?

Parent File Scan offers that “You must clarify this question for yourself.”

Maybe the MPAA will next create some software that can give me a good nice long lecture each night. And while they’re at it they ought to invent the ass kicker so that evey now and again when I need to give myself a good beating I’ll have some software to do it for me.

This is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

Slashdot picks it up here.