Michael Gartenberg Gives Out His Cell Phone Number But Won’t Turn on the Comments on His Blog

Michael Gartenberg: Off to SF (and Macworld)Juipter Research Analyst Michael Gartenberg has a great blog. He covers a lot of different areas of digital media and I find him pretty insightful.

Recently, Steve Rubel gave Jupiter Media CEO Alan Meckler a big “At-a-Boy” for turning on the comments on his blog. Now I don’t think printing Gartenberg’s cell phone number, 201-456-6686, is out of line since he gives it out to us all in his latest post on his blog. I suppose I could call him up and ask him or use this as a way to carry on the conversations regarding his posts but calling someone on their cell phone seems so invasive and certainly less efficient than an exchange that can take place in a comment section on a blog. Besides, his purpose of giving his cell phone number out on his blog has less to do with participating in the online conversation and more to do with getting Jupiter Media in the press.

Like Meckler, I assume somewhere up the chain, Gartenberg’s boss, I’d challenge Gartenberg to also turn the comments on on his blog.

Michael you add a lot to the conversation but it’s difficult when your insightful thoughts can’t be addressed very easily by the rest of us.

Update: Gartenberg addresses the issue of comments on his blog.

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